Experimental Methods in Nanophotonics II
Nanophotonics and metamaterials
Radiofrequency systems and devices
2160 Ф
Applied and theoretical physics
Semiconductor physics
Quantum and hybrid materials

впваThe course is aimed at expanding ideas about modern applications of lasers in nanophotonics for students with basic knowledge in the field of laser physics, optics, and solid state physics.

The first part of the course introduces the basic principles of operation of laser light sources, including ultrashort-pulse lasers and nanolasers. In the second part of the course, an overview of the use of lasers for nanophotonics problems is given. In particular, examples of local optical heating and nanothermometry, ultrafast modulators and optical signal transducers, as well as various methods of nanofabrication using laser radiation are considered.

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General module (NM)
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Final grade is based on the final exam mostly.

Each lecture contains a 15-min control test. Top-2 students with the best average grade on the tests will have +1 grade-level on the exam. E.g., from C to B, or from B to A, etc.

Top-2 students with the best grade on the seminar will have +1 grade-level on the exam

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