Radiofrequency systems and devices
Nanophotonics and metamaterials
Radiofrequency systems and devices
2160 Ф
Applied and theoretical physics
Semiconductor physics
Quantum and hybrid materials
Educational program "Radio Frequency Systems and Devices" is aimed at training creative developers and researches working in the field of modern radio data transmission, communications, medical diagnostics, and navigation. The competitive advantage of our graduates is a deep knowledge of radio science with a high level of knowledge of the latest methods of calculation, computer simulation and prototyping of antennas, digital and analog high-frequency devices. During training, students acquire their skills by actively participating in advanced research and development in the field of new types of antennas and devices for applications such as 5G, wireless power transfer, MRI, GNSS, RFID, etc. Our students carry out these projects together with colleagues from leading international research centers and companies, many of which are also involved in the educational process. As a result, by the time of the Master's Degree defense, our graduates occupy a worthy place in the community of radio engineers and scientists and can choose between continuing their postgraduate studies and working for leading companies in the industry.


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