Theoretical seminar | 21 June 2023

Prof. Yuri Kudasov
Sarov physics and technology Institute, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Problems in high and ultrahigh magnetic fields

High and ultrahigh magnetic fields are a powerful tool for studying the properties of matter: the band structure of semiconductors, the magnetic phase diagram of magnets, the upper critical fields of superconductors, etc.
Currently, there exist unique tools in Russia for scientific research in this field: MC-1 flux-compression generator (an installation with the largest laboratory magnetic fields), nondestructive magnetic systems, etc. The MC-1 generator also makes it possible to conduct studies of the properties of matter at extremely high pressures.
Since 2021, scientific research in this area has been developing within the framework of the National Center for Physics and Mathematics.
Experimental studies of quantum low-dimensional magnets, hard magnetic materials, as well as theoretical studies of the properties of substances are being conducted at NSFM.
The problems and prospects of research in high and ultrahigh magnetic fields magnetic fields are discussed.

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