Theoretical seminar | 02 December 2020

ITMO University
Enhancement of exciton-photon and magnon-photon interactions in nanostructures [in Russian]

Boosting light-matter interaction is of crucial importance for many fields of nanophotonics such as cavity quantum electrodynamics, optomechanics and spintronics. In my work, I investigated the enhancement of the interaction of light and magnons due to resonant excitation of spin waves in a hybrid Au/YIG nanostructure by optical frequency combs. The next step in the study of the enhancement of the interaction of light and matter was the study of an increase in the Purcell factor of the quasi-BIC mode in a micropillar resonator. The results allowed to assume that the nonlinear properties, namely the generation of the second harmonic in such resonator can also be improved and it was investigated in the final part of the work.