Theoretical seminar | 01 June 2022

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Dynamics of topological magnetic solitons: from domain walls to skyrmions.

Topological magnetic solitons (TMS) have attracted great interest both from the point of fundamental research and possible practical applications due to their potential in data storage technologies. Different concepts of magnetic memory and logical devices were proposed to be implemented in low dimensional systems, for instance, racetrack memory, which is based on domain wall or skyrmion manipulation in 1D nanostructures, coding systems employing domain wall propagation in microwires. Implementation of such devices requires a thorough study of the TMS dynamics.
Here I will discuss the dynamics of both types of TMS:
i) the ultrafast dynamics of the domain wall (up to 2-3 km/s) in cylindrical wires and the ways to control the domain wall velocity in experiment;
ii) the dynamics of a wide variety of complex skyrmions in chiral magnets driven by an electric current and its dependence on the skyrmions' topological charge and shape. Skyrmion dynamics was investigated both with the help of micromagnetic simulations and analytically based on the Thiele's approach.

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