Quantum seminar | 10 April 2024

Prof. Mikhail Kozlov
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University 'LETI'
Isomeric state of thorium-229 isotope: methods of production, properties and potential use for fundamental research

The isomeric state of thorium-229 nucleus has long attracted attention with its record low energy (about 8 eV) and the existence of the M1 transition to the ground nuclear state. These properties make it possible to study the isomeric state of the nucleus using laser-optical methods typical of atomic physics. Moreover, on this nuclear M1 transition one can hope to create an optical clock that will be significantly less sensitive to external perturbations than the best optical clocks on atoms and ions. At the same time, it is estimated that such clocks should have record sensitivity to possible variation of fundamental constants, opening up the possibility of using them to search for new physics beyond the Standard Model. In the talk we will discuss methods of obtaining the isomeric state and ways to study its properties.