Optical seminar | 30 September 2022

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Ultrafast nonlinear optics of hybrid structures

The seminar is dedicated to the results of the study of carbon nanoparticles, organic molecules and hybrid structures "carbon nanoparticle - organic dye" for the optical power limiting of laser radiation.
The study consists of three phases:
1. Study of carbon nanostructures (single-walled carbon nanotubes and graphenes), the effect of the degree of aggregation and defectiveness on the OPL.
2. Study of electron shell configurations for the efficiency of nonlinear processes (modified organic dyes of the porphyrin group were used)
3. Study of hydride structures "SWCNT-dye", considering the newly created nanoparticles, taking into account the experience of previous studies.

Various methods for measuring spectral and nonlinear optical characteristics were used for the research, including the "pump-probe" methods in the picosecond and millisecond ranges.

Povarov Sviatoslav Andreevich, PhD dessirtation "Nonlinear transmission of laser radiation in materials with carbon nanoparticles and hybrid systems based on them" (Нелинейное пропускание лазерного излучения в материалах с углеродными наночастицами и гибридными системами на их основе)