Microwave seminar | 25 April 2022

Mr. Eugene Koreshin
ITMO University
Investigation of Columb interaction and electrostatic shielding in the simple wire medium

Electrostatic interactions play an important role in many physical phenomena, which appear in media with complex permittivity tensor. Metamaterials provide a unique opportunity to expand the range of possibilities, in view of the changing geometric parameters that manipulate interaction, in particular electrostatic shielding. In this report, the wire medium in the electrostatic limit was investigated. We provided experimental measurements of the electrostatic field distribution in order to confirm the previously declared theoretical results. Moreover, the wire medium was numerically studied in two cases: the wires charge is defined as 0 or the wires electric potential is defined as 0.

The theoretical prediction of Coulomb interaction in the wire media https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.93.075433