Microwave seminar | 11 September 2023

Ms. Aigerim Jandaliyeva
ITMO University
Demonstration of the volumetric resonator with uniform magnetic field distribution for wireless power transfer

I propose a volumetric resonator of two strongly coupled split loops to charge devices within the internal volume wirelessly. The resonator possesses a unique feature: the ability to generate an almost uniform magnetic field with 96% uniformity within the volume. This uniformity enables energy transfer to the receiver with fixed efficiency, regardless of the receiver's location inside the resonator. Numerical and experimental calculations have demonstrated that the wireless power transfer efficiency can reach up to 60%, making the power transmission efficiency almost independent of the receiver's location within the entire internal volume of the resonator. This solution is designed for discreet embedding in small furniture modules or standard-shaped living spaces, allowing people to charge their devices without sacrificing mobility.

Main paper/arXiv, related to the seminar, and other references

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