Microwave seminar | 07 December 2020

Russian Quantum Center
Microwave spintronics for IoT applications

Spintronics is one of the new fast-growing fields in the next-generation electronics that has gained a great boost following its success in high-performance, high-density memory applications. In spintronic devices, in addition to the electron charge, the degree of freedom of the electron spin is utilized. This can significantly reduce power consumption and improve an efficiency of devices, for example by using spin waves to transfer spin current or controlling spin polarization using magnetic layers or spin-orbit coupling. Among the many new objects of research in spintronic, spin-torque diodes STDs are of great interest. The spin diode effect occurs when a microwave alternating electric current injected into a magnetic tunnelling junction (MTJ) is rectified due to the simultaneous actions of tunnelling magnetoresistance and spin-transfer torque. STDs have the unique property of generating, detecting, and converting of microwave radiation at nanowatt powers, far beyond the capabilities of conventional electronics and therefore particularly interesting for the IoT applications.