Acoustic seminar | 20 October 2023

Prof. Badreddine Assouar
Institut Jean Lamour, Université de Lorraine, CNRS
Acoustic Metasurfaces and Metamaterials for Controllable Wave Manipulation

Acoustic metasurfaces derive their characteristics from the interaction between acoustic waves and specifically designed materials. The field is driven by the desire to control acoustic wave propagation using compact devices and is governed by fundamental and physical principles that provide the design rules and the functionality of a wave.

Acoustic metasurfaces have added value and unusual functionalities compared with their predecessor in materials science, namely, acoustic metamaterials. These rationally designed 2D materials of subwavelength thickness provide a new route for sound wave and vibration manipulation. Building on the success of bulk metamaterials in the past decade, acoustic metasurfaces have significantly advanced the field of wave manipulation and structuration, enabling the design of miniaturized materials and devices with complex and unprecedented functionalities. One of the main reasons for the interest in acoustic metasurfaces is the challenge of using bulk acoustic metamaterials to manipulate the sound of long wavelengths in air and water. The use of metasurfaces, in the form of thin and lightweight structures, is an ingenious way to overcome this problem.

In this general seminar, I will present an overview on recent researches on acoustic and elastic metasurfaces and metamaterials for controllable wave and vibration manipulation. I will provide some recent advances on the concept of metasurfaces for acoustic absorption, reflection and transmission. I will talk about some intriguing functionalities regarding multifunctional metasurfaces, multi-hologram, extreme low-frequency absorption, non-reciprocity ... To
deal with these different wave functionalities, different design strategies have been established. The latter depend on the targeted physical properties and applications.