Acoustic seminar | 09 February 2024

ITMO University
Resonant metastructures for acoustics field scattering and absorption (Faculty attestation)

During the last decade, acoustic metastructuses have proven themselves as promising platforms for both exploration of fundamental concepts and development of novel devices. In particular, the efficient control of acoustic waves opens the route toward next-generation noise insulating systems, sensors, and transducers. This work is dedicated to the investigation of metastructures based on locally coupled resonant elements. It is shown how strongly coupled resonance states can be utilized to significantly enhance the performance of noise-mitigating structures and absorbers, which is demonstrated both numerically and  experimentally. In addition, a theoretical description of periodic structures via Floquet theory is extended in order to develop algorithms, allowing fast estimation of stop-zones in transmission spectra. The structures made of coupled resonators also support bound states in the continuum and exceptional points, which can be easily reached via the tuning of resonators' positions. Such states are also explored and discussed in terms of applications for control of acoustic waves.

Related publications:

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