Light source MAX-303 and monochromator CMS-100

Light source MAX-303 and monochromator CMS-100

Fast single monochromator CMS-100 with Czerny-Turner design


·         Tuning wavelength from 250nm to 900nm with our light source

·         Monochromatic light (Resolution: 2.6nm~)

·         Fast monochromator (F/2.8)

·         Adjustable slit width

·         Selectable blaze wavelength

·         External touch panel controller


A light source MAX-303

The perfect illuminator with complete heat blocking design, using an originally designed mirror module(UV or VIS). The MAX-303 is the highest and the best-selling model among Asahi Xenon Series, having all useful functions such as a mirror module, filter wheel, ND variable control, timed shutter, and remote control.


·         300W xenon light source with complete heat blocking design by our proprietary mirror module

·         Selective illumination with 2 types of mirror module (UV 250-385nm, VIS 385-740nm, IR 750-1050nm)

·         Low stray light and no heat

·         Continuous light adjustment(100%-5%)

·         Easy usage and setup

·         CE marked