Theoretical seminar. Petrov, Toftul


9 Lomonosov st.

Room 2530


Mihail Petrov
‘Optomechanical nanoparticle crystal: reaching super stiffness with long-range interaction’

Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the optomechanical coupling between dipole nanoparticles through infinitely long-range interaction potential provided by the excitation of waveguiding modes. By exchanging optical excitation, nanoparticle can form stable mechanical configuration which is referred to as optical binding effect. We will provide a simple theory showing that long-range interaction enables formation of stable ordered arrays of nanoparticles which can be considered as optomechanical analogues of solids. A unique feature of one-dimensional interaction waveguide is the increase of the trapping potential with the increase of array length, therefore enhancing the stiffness of the inter-particle bonds. The talk is based on the recent publication ACS Photonics 2020, 7, 114-119.


Ivan Toftul 
‘Optomechanical effects due to the spin and orbital momentum of electromagnetic fields in the presents of nanophotonic structures’
(Format: 10-minute presentation + questions)