Theoretical seminar. Bobylev, Vialov


Lomonosova 9, room 2530

1. Daniel Bobylev

‘Electromagnetic topological states induced by staggered bianisotropy’

The talk is devoted to the engineering of one-dimensional electromagnetic topological states via spatially varying bianisotropic response of dielectric particles. First, we theoretically predict the presence of non-trivial band topology induced by alternating signs of bianisotropy parameter employing the discrete dipole approximation. Based on our theoretical model, we optimize the design of real particles. Full-wave simulations which we carry on in microwave spectral range confirm the existence of topologically protected edge and interface states and reveal their selective excitation. Thus, we put forward a novel approach to control the topology of the bands by spatially varying bianisotropy patterns.


2. V.A. Vialov

‘Electromagnetic wave propagation in the arrays of thin metallic wires: theory, calculus, and experiment.’

We consider the problem of the diffraction of the electromagnetic wave on the array of thin metallic cylinders. We build a model based on the Pocklington equation. We compare numerical results obtained on the basis of this integral formulations with data computed using the electromagnetic module of COMSOL Multiphysics and experimental results.