Bosch Company Seminar


Kronverksky ave. 49, 4th floor, Conference Hall.

On 29th of November at 15:00  in the Conference Hall of ITMO University (Kronversky ave. 49) will be held the Bosch Company Seminar. Dr. Uwe Iben (Head of Research and Technology Office) and Dr. Timofey Kruglov (Lead engineer) will give a lecture on "Applied Mathematics."

Everybody is welcome to attend.

ABSTRACT: Applied mathematics plays an increasing role in the design of products. Simple calculations are done to estimate the functionality as well as reliability of components, e.g. flow rate, forces, momentum. In a second step, the interaction of components in a system is considered. The modeling equations get more complicated and operate in multi-dimensional spaces. Consequently, more developed solvers have to be used to simulate the modeling equations or optimize functionalities under parameter restrictions. Nowadays, physical models and sensor data are often used to control the functionality of systems. Here, algorithms are required, which extract information, identify properties, and combine different scales as well as physical domains.
The following methods are discussed:
- Modeling particulate/porous media using Discrete Element Method (DEM).
- Assessing transport properties (diffusivity, conductivity) of solid and liquid phases using random walk and percolation.
- Application of these methods to supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells, sensors, and catalysts.
- Boundary Element Methods (BEM) in hydrodynamics and electrodynamics. Solver for Prandtl equation and its binding with BEM solver.
Several examples from Bosch research and engineering activities are presented.