SIGMA 3-16KL centrifuge

SIGMA 3-16KL centrifuge

The Sigma 3-16KL refrigerated general-purpose centrifuge has a wide range of applications. The intuitive user interface with patented one-button control and illuminated buttons makes it easy to operate. It fits into the work environment with a pleasantly low noise level and achieves 4°C at maximum speed. 

Product Specifications

Universal benchtop centrifuge

Speed range up to 15,300 rpm

Maximum capacity: 4 x 400 ml n User-friendly Spincontrol L controller

Fifty programs n Compact, space-saving unit

Low noise level n Automatic rotor identification

Zero-maintenance induction motor

Electromechanical lid opening

Automatic imbalance monitoring

Rotor life monitoring for a high degree of safety

Easily cleaned stainless steel chamber n Window in lid for external speed monitoring

Produced in compliance with the latest national and international standards (e.g. EN 61010-2-020)

High-performance cooling

Temperature setting range: -10 °C to +40 °C

Rotor cooling also possible at standstill 

Pre-cooling function "Rapid Temp"