Quantum Optics
Nanophotonics and metamaterials
Radiofrequency systems and devices
2160 Ф
Applied and theoretical physics
Semiconductor physics
Quantum and hybrid materials
Атом в резонаторе
         Atom in an optical resonator 

Quantum optics studies the properties of light and light-matter interaction from the grounds of modern quantum mechanics. You will learn the basic quantum concepts of photon and polariton, how one can entangle photons, and find out whether one can violate Heisenberg principle.

The course aims at giving the students the fundamental picture of quantum optics through the basic problems solving. We will focus on the light properties governed by the quantum nature of light, will go into the deeps of light-matter interaction, and figure out how this interaction can be enhanced in micro- and nanoresonators. The gives overview of the main theoretical models, however the key experimental techniques will be discussed as well.

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Study program:  
Special module (Theoretical)
Additional Information
  • There is a block of home problems, which are aim to help student in mastering the course (30- 40 problems of various level)
  • During seminar classes the students are supposed to solve problems in class

Grading policy:

lease see additional info in attached file (Grading_policy.pdf)

Highest final grade for the course - 100

Highest final grade for the problem solving - 50

Highest final grade for the final oral examination - 50