Summer practice for schoolchildren at PhE

We invite 10th-graders to pass summer practice at the PhE Faculty. Within two weeks schoolchildren will learn computational methods, computer modeling, working on experimental facilities under the guidance of experienced researchers (PhD students and postdocs of the scientific center) and also see the process from the inside - how the laboratories are organized, what scientific task looks like, who are the scientists, etc.

Each student will have the opportunity to choose a thematic track. Each year topics may change.

Here is the report from 2018 Summer practice:

  • Option 1. Computer modeling in nanophotonics.

The course consists of lectures and practical classes in computer modeling using the CST Microwave Studio software package. The practice will visually illustrate both the basic optical phenomena and the new effects observed and predicted in modern scientific research in the field of nano-optics. Plus excursions to modern laboratories and research centers of the ITMO University, including a demonstration of an anechoic chamber, an excursion to the optical laboratory and the museum of optics.

  • Option 2. Experimental study of nanostructures..

There is a constant need to develop better, more efficient and cheaper sources of radiation. Today semiconductor LEDs based on bulk materials are widely used. One of the possible directions for improving the functional characteristics of LEDs / radiation sources is the creation of an LED array based on an ordered array of nano-columns. Participants will be invited to develop a method of forming an ordered array of nano-objects on the substrate surface, which would have high speed of the process, high accuracy, repeatability, high scalability, would not require the use of expensive equipment and expensive consumables.

The recruitment for summer practice begins on May 1, 2019.


Summer practice for schoolchildren at PhE, 2018

Summer practice for schoolchildren at PhE, 2018