Laboratory assistant for the project “Laser metallization of dielectric materials using deep eutectic solvents”

The Faculty of Physics at ITMO University offers a laboratory assistant position in the project “Laser metallization of dielectric materials using deep eutectic solvents”. The project aims at developing a one-stage method for the metallization of any surfaces using laser-induced metal reduction from solutions. The obtained intermediate results allow obtaining conductive structures on both solid and polymer substrates, which paves the way for practical application of the method. At this stage, we plan to create a number of electronic devices to demonstrate the capabilities of this method; in-depth study of the processes occurring under laser irradiation, simulation of the processes in software packages, and study of the reaction products using physical and chemical methods are also planned. The project is supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation.


  • improvement of the laser metallization equipment (work with optical components);
  • adjustment of methods for the synthesis of deep eutectic solutions;
  • development of methods for the deposition of deep eutectic solutions on various surfaces;
  • carrying out laser-induced deposition reactions and testing their regimes;
  • process modeling (desirable);
  • study of results using optical research methods (Raman, FTIR, UV spec) and physical and chemical methods (XRD, SEM, EDX, and others);
  • preparing materials for papers in high ranked journals.


  • a degree in physics/engineering/chemistry, or a thesis in the making;
  • work experience in a chemical laboratory;
  • theoretical knowledge in the areas of chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, laser optics;
  • experience with scientific literature;
  • knowledge of English: Intermediate or a higher level;
  • experience in preparing work results in the form of reports and presentations;
  • skills of work with the results of IR, XRD, SEM, ICPE, Raman analyses are desirable.


  • work is carried out in the PeroLab laboratory of ITMO (Lomonosova st. 9);
  • flexible work schedule (at least 2 times a week), partial remote work is possible;
  • the results of the work will be published in highly ranked journals and can become the foundation for a PhD thesis;
  • young and professional team of Faculty employees, friendly environment;
  • active collaboration with leading researchers around the world: USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia;
  • continuous development: free foreign language courses, the possibility of advanced professional development (seminars, internships, and trainings with covered costs);
  • voluntary health insurance (VHI) policy after a certain period of work;
  • social package: official employment, holidays in the corporate country recreation center, events for employees and their children, etc.