PostDoc in Experimental Acoustics

Department of Physics and Engineering of ITMO University invites PostDoc in Experimental Acoustics to join our team.

The Department of Physics and Engineering of ITMO University is a creative synergy of honorary professors, ambitious scientists, and students. For ten years of joint work, we have grown from a small laboratory into a large scientific center, where today the most relevant scientific directions are developed and educational programs are implemented. 


  • Planning and conduction experiments on the propagation and scattering of sound in aeroacoustic waveguides and the propagation of elastic waves in combined media formed from various materials (including metamaterials);
  • Analyzing the results of experiments, including using the theory of signal processing, time-frequency representation of recorded signals;
  • Establishing dependences of physical quantities characterizing the propagation of elastic waves in a medium or scattering of elastic waves on inhomogeneities of this medium, on the parameters of the medium and inhomogeneities, as well as on the frequency-time characteristics of signals propagating in it;
  • Raise funding independently and jointly with colleagues (apply for grants, look for partners);
  • Plan and organize project work;
  • Publish articles;
  • Participate in educational activities (conduct special seminars on acoustics, supervise bachelor's and master's projects);
  • Speaking at conferences and seminars;
  • Willingness to administer the grant will be an advantage. 


  • Candidate of Science or PhD in Physics and Mathematics / Engineering;
  • Experience in planning and setting up experiments on sound propagation in atmospheric acoustics, experience in planning and setting up experiments;
  • Experience in planning and setting up experiments on the propagation of elastic waves in solids (seismology, ultrasonic flaw detection, acoustic and ultrasonic resonance spectroscopy, etc.) will be an important advantage;
  • Skill of working in software packages MATLAB or Python, Comsol (advisable);
  • Experience of speaking at conferences;
  • Knowledge of English at least B2 (Upper-Intermediate);
  • Willingness to work under tight deadlines;
  • Experience in developing and reading educational courses is advisable;
  • It is advisable to have publications in specialized high-rating journals on acoustics, for example, in the "Journal of Sound and Vibration" and "The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America", as well as in the "Acoustical journal";
  • Experience in grant-making and grant administration is advisable;
  • Work abroad experience will be an important advantage;
  • High communication skills;
  • High planning and organizing skills. 


  • Young and friendly team;
  • Solving non-standard tasks, working in an interdisciplinary team;
  • Communication with recognized experts in the subject area;
  • Corporate English for employees;
  • Work in the historical center of St. Petersburg;
  • Social package: official employment, recreation in a corporate out-of-town health center, events for employees and their children, etc. 
100 000 RUB Final salary is strongly dependent on the qualification of candidate

Saint Petersburg, Lomonosova, 9