Biochemical engineer

Faculty of Physics of ITMO University opens a vacancy for a biochemical engineer. The position opens within the framework of a joint project of ITMO University and the leader in the field of laboratory research "Helix Laboratory Service". 


The project is aimed at the development and creation of new devices for optical detection of biological objects (proteins, viruses, peptides, etc.) based on microfluidic chips and their subsequent commercialization.


  • professional skills in the field of molecular biology
    • experience in working with biological objects (cells, viruses), organic molecules (proteins, peptides);
    • experience in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay;
    • experience in the functionalization of surfaces and / or nanostructures with organic molecules;
  • availability of scientific publications confirming the qualifications of the applicant;
  • fluency in spoken and written English;
  • skills of effective and open interaction within the research group.

Nice to have:

  • candidate of sciences degree or the completion proximity of work on the dissertation;
  • experience in managing scientific projects;
  • experience in optical measurements in the near and middle infrared ranges;
  • experience with microfluidic devices.

We also expect the candidate to share our values ​​of academic freedom, collaborative research environment and respect for colleagues, regardless of their official status, age, gender, race, ethnic or religious background.


The Department of Physics and Engineering and an actively developing international research center in the field of optics and photonics, condensed matter physics, and the physics of microwave radiation was established in 2000 as part of a professional development program in the Russian Federation. Today it has over 350 researchers working in 5 international laboratories that hold leading positions among Russian research institutes. The laboratories are equipped with the latest installations for optical measurements, equipment for chemical synthesis, and the creation of nanostructures.

In addition to strong educational programs aimed at preparing professional researchers in theoretical physics, optics, and nanotechnology, the department annually hosts several major international scientific events:

The combination of a strong tradition of theoretical and experimental physics, as well as an extensive network of international cooperation, makes the Department of Physics and Engineering one of the leading scientific and educational centers with a unique environment for advanced scientific research.

The project will be carried out in close cooperation with Helix Laboratory Service. Helix Laboratory Service has been working in the field of laboratory diagnostics since 1998. Currently, he is one of the leaders in laboratory diagnostics in Russia. More than 350 Diagnostic Centers and Laboratory Points have been opened under the Helix brand throughout the country. Helix laboratory service performs analyzes for more than 2,000 private and public medical institutions, provides services to clients in 130 cities of Russia, has 3 technological sites with an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ekaterinburg.

A job application must contain:

  • a cover letter stating your research experience, current research interests and motivation;
  • CV;
  • list of publications;
  • the text of the thesis;
  • recommendations.
Salary is strongly dependent on the qualification of candidate
From 1 year

Saint Petersburg, Lomonosova, 9