Acoustic laboratory engineer

The Acoustic Laboratory of the Faculty of Physics is a research unit formed at the end of 2021. The laboratory aims to implement modern scientific results in the area of sound and ultrasound in new technologies and devices.

The tasks of the engineer include providing the operational readiness of the laboratory equipment for experimental research in the fields of elastic vibrations, sound, and ultrasound, participating in the preparation of research and carrying out experiments.


  • developing and implementing methods for measuring acoustic fields in laboratory conditions;
  • developing requirements for measurement equipment;
  • creating layouts of experimental test benches and their debugging;
  • participation in the development of components of experimental equipment: mechanics, electronics, software;
  • equipment maintenance - keeping equipment in working condition;
  • carrying out experiments on sound propagation and scattering in aero-acoustic waveguides and elastic wave propagation in composite media made of various materials (including metamaterials);
  • planning and organizing work on projects.


  • experience with modern laboratory equipment: signal generator, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, microphone, multi-channel audio analyzer;
  • experience in developing radio electronic equipment using modern hardware components: generators, preamplifiers and signal amplifiers, devices based on microcontrollers / programmable logic devices (desirable);
  • experience in debugging measurement systems;
  • knowledge of the laws of sound and ultrasonic wave propagation in gases, liquids and solids;
  • experience in planning and conducting experiments on sound propagation in atmospheric acoustics;
  • software package skills: MATLAB or Python, Comsol (desirable);
  • a PhD degree in physics and mathematics or in engineering (or a Russian degree: Candidate of Sciences) would be an advantage;
  • good communication skills;
  • well-developed planning and organization skills.


  • friendly, young international team of experts;
  • stable official salary;
  • opportunity to participate in trainings for continuing professional development;
  • opportunity to participate in papers published in highly ranked journals;
  • opportunity to propose new ideas and be heard;
  • corporate English classes for the employees;
  • work in the historic center of St. Petersburg;
  • annual paid leave;
  • social package: official employment, holidays in the corporate country recreation center, events for employees and their children, etc.
Based on the interview results

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