Postdoc in the area of experimental particle physics and accelerator physics

The Faculty of Physics of ITMO University invites a postdoc to join the team and work in the area of experimental particle physics and accelerator physics.

The postdoc will conduct experimental research in the field of particle, detector, and accelerator physics, play a leading role in advanced experiments at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), and also, if desired, develop theoretical models and simulate the processes of interactions of quantum wave packets of particles with solid targets and electromagnetic fields of lenses, magnets, and undulators. In terms of experiments, in the first year, there will be an emphasis on work with a photogun and a laser system. Work experience with optical and magnetic lenses, beam emittance measurements, as well as with photocathodes and field emission cathodes is preferred. Basic education in particle physics, quantum electrodynamics, classical and/or quantum optics will be an advantage. Based on the research results, the postdoc will write articles and speak at foreign conferences. Regular business trips to Dubna are expected.

The Faculty of Physics of ITMO University is a creative synergy of professors, ambitious researchers and students. Our team began as a small laboratory and has grown into a large scientific and educational center in 10 years of collaborative work. Today, we work in advanced research areas and implement relevant educational programs.


  • planning and organizing work on research projects;
  • publishing papers;
  • participation in educational activities, supervising students;
  • talks at conferences and seminars;
  • attracting financing (applying for grants, search for partners) individually and together with colleagues;
  • willingness to lead a grant would be an advantage.


  • a PhD degree or a Russian degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; 
  • work experience in particle, accelerator, or detector physics, quantum electrodynamics (or atomic physics, classical and/or quantum optics);
  • software packages skills: for instance, MATLAB / Comsol/ CST; programming skills in Python or another program are not necessary, but they would be an advantage;
  • experience of supervising students and/or PhD students; 
  • experience of presenting at conferences;
  • knowledge of English: B2 (Upper-Intermediate) or a higher level; 
  • information analysis skills and decision-making skills, pursuit of excellence; 
  • being proactive and result-oriented;  
  • papers published in high-rated journals (IF > 3), including papers as a first author (1-2 per year) or as a corresponding author; 
  • experience in submitting grant applications and leading grants;
  • work experience abroad is desirable. 


  • friendly young team;
  • interaction with acclaimed experts in subject areas;
  • continuous development and growth, and opportunities to move forward;
  • opportunity to propose new ideas and be heard;
  • corporate English classes for the employees;
  • work in the historic center of St. Petersburg;
  • annual paid leave;
  • social package: official employment, holidays in the corporate country recreation center, events for employees and their children, etc.


In your response, please provide: 

  • a cover letter with a description of your research experience and current research interests;
  • CV;
  • list of published papers;
  • recommendations from a research team leader (from the place of PhD thesis defense, from the previous job, or from professors/researchers of an outside organisation). 

Please send your applications to in a single PDF file.

Net salary from 100 000 rubles according to interview results
At least 3 years of experience

Russia, St. Petersburg, Lomonosova st. 9