Theoretical seminar | 23 December 2020

ITMO University
Fundamental physics with atoms and ions

Over many years the Standard Model of particle physics has demonstrated its exceptional success in predicting and describing numerous effects and phenomena. Despite this great success, the Standard Model encounters many principal problems, such as the observed imbalance of matter and antimatter or the apparent existence of a "dark matter" that is observed only in gravitational interactions. Search for new physics can be performed directly with large-scale collider experiments, or complementary, new physics signatures could also be observed via low-energy high-precision measurements. I will discuss our developments in fundamental physics tests based on highly accurate measurements in atoms and ions in the talk. In particular, the calculations of energy levels, hyperfine splittings, and bound-electron g factor in multi-charged ions will be reviewed. Moreover, the recent experiments with the elastic (Rayleigh) x-ray scattering will be discussed in connection to new insight into the Delbrück amplitude. Other promising scenarios such as the atomic parity violation, nonlinearities in the King plot, as well as the search for a variation of the fundamental constants with atomic clocks will be presented.