Theoretical seminar | 23 September 2020

Yang Ming
Dr. Yang Ming
Changshu Institute of Technology
Quantum applications of surface plasmon polariton in a hybrid waveguide
Surface plasmon polariton (SPP) has exhibited its great value in nanophotonics, owing to the unique property of subwavelength field confinement. Adequate quantities of plasmonic devices are proposed and demonstrated at the level of classical optics, which show excellent performances. For a step further, researchers take a lively interest in discovering the potential of SPP for the quantum control of light. This talk will focus on the quantum properties of SPP, including the squeezing and continuous-variable entanglement of SPP in a hybrid plasmonic waveguide. And the same waveguide structure can also be considered for dynamic Casimir effect (DCE), which is expected to essentially increase the intensity of the DCE-induced emission.