Theoretical seminar | 18 January 2023

Dr. Petr Satunin
Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences
Probing axion-like particles and nonlinear electrodynamics with radiofrequency cavities

We review laboratory experiments for axion-like-particle (ALP) searches with radiofrequency cavities, focusing on the "light shining through walls" strategy with two cavities, and on experimental proposals including a single cavity. We discuss in detail the experimental setup consisting of two cavities: in the first one massive ALPs are produced by two electromagnetic modes, in the second cavity, located into a constant magnetic field, the axion wave transfers back into an electromagnetic mode. With numerical calculations we determine the most effective set of pump modes and cavity geometry. Additionally, we discuss the experiment with a single cavity in which the photon-ALP interaction manifests itself as 4-photon self-interaction (together with virtual electrons contribution). We examine the possibility of the amplification for the third harmonics induced by a single electromagnetic mode in a as well as the generation of the signal mode of combined frequencies induced by two pump modes (ω1 and ω2) in the cavity, applying two approaches. We explicitly show that the third harmonics as well as the mode of combined frequency 2ω1+ω2 are not resonantly amplified whereas the signal mode with frequency 2ω1−ω2 is amplified for a certain resonant cavity geometry.

D. Salnikov, P. Satunin, D. Kirpichnikov , Maxim Fitkevich. Examining axion-like particles with superconducting radio-frequency cavity. JHEP 03 (2021) 143
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I. Kopchinskii, P. Satunin. Resonant generation of electromagnetic modes in nonlinear electrodynamics: Classical approach. Phys.Rev.A 105 (2022) 1, 013508
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