Theoretical seminar | 19 January 2022

ITMO University
2nd year PhD student attestation: Laser-assisted design of functional metal-organic framework derivatives

Here i report on the results of interaction of highly intense laser light with single crystals of artificial and hierarchical metal-organic frameworks. Depending on the chemical composition, crystal structure and melting temperature of MOFs, the interaction leads to formation of nanometer scale MOF derivatives (from pure carbon, crystalline metal nanoparticles to amorphous phases). Intriguing, depending on the laser pulse duration (from 150 fs to 10 ns), this interaction is devided on ultrafast non-thermal and classical thermal melting of MOFs. As a result, tuning of laser parameters and MOF stucture allows one to create throught the laser lithography the desired optical materials: from metallic films, protected metalic microschemes to optically active metal-organic nanoparticles