Theoretical seminar | 02 November 2022

Mr. Jorge Rufino Fernández Herrera
University of Campinas
Considerations on plasmonic sensing using prism and waveguide coupling

In this presentation, aspects of plasmonic detection using prism and waveguide coupling will be addressed. The application of the Kretschmann configuration using a semi-cylindrical prism for detection of ethanol purity and the impact on the thickness of the adhesion layer (Titanium) and gold layer will be shown. Using the waveguide platform an introduction to the Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide (HPWG) will be presented as well as a particular design using SiN slab guide with SiO2 cover. Guide thickness, low-index cladding thickness, metal, and the impact of their length on resonance quality are discussed.

Jorge R. Fernandez, Rumaldo, Yesica, and Hugo E. Hernandez-Figueroa. "Plasmonic sensor design using gold and silicon nitride waveguide at visible and NIR wavelengths." Optics & Laser Technology 153 (2022): 108196.
Fernández H, Jorge R., Vitor de O. Freire, Hernández Figueroa, Hugo E. "Ti/Au layers impact in prism-based plasmonic sensing of ethanol-fuel purity detection". International Optics and Photonics Conference IOPC2022. (on publication process).