Optical seminar | 31 August 2022

Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Absorption and scattering of electromagnetic waves by small particles

The thesis is devoted to the study of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with particles that are small compared to the wavelength of the incident radiation, as well as ordered and disordered systems of such particles. The creation of new materials with desired properties, new radiation sources, devices for controlling light fluxes and diagnosing various media requires the development of a general theoretical description of wave scattering by inhomogeneities of the medium. The scale invariance of Maxwell's equations makes it possible to build a general theory and create analytical models valid for a wide range of frequencies based on the description of scattering by dipole responses and, more generally, in terms of the multipole expansion. In thesis this is reflected on examples of problems in different area: determining the effective dielectric and magnetic characteristics of disperse media for calculation of microwave absorption in ceramic composites or metal powders as well as scattering and nonlinear harmonic geheration by subwavelength dielectric resonators for effective control of radiation in the optical and infrared frequency ranges.

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