Optical seminar | 28 October 2022

Meta-mega-hits: retrospective series by Mikhail Lapine — issue 1: Bio-optical and meta-optical stories

This is the first issue in the planned series of 5-7 retrospective lectures, covering a wide range of topics across my past research, to be presented at theoretical, microwave and optical seminars.

For the optical seminar issue, topics are selected which are, arguably, most relevant for the formal area of optics, however these may quite certainly attract a wider interest. To be included are the following aspects:

1. Biological motors, membrane gradients and dielectric relaxation
2. Some aspects of laser-patterned plasmonic surfaces
3. Optical sorting of nanoparticles
4. Phase matching in hyperbolic metamaterials
5. Artificial photoelasticity and electrostriction

Everyone is cordially invited — most definitely all the researchers; PhD, graduate and undergraduate students — interested in theoretical and experimental aspects around the optical range of frequencies.

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