Optical seminar | 25 December 2020

ITMO University, Tor Vergata University of Rome 
Resonant semiconductor nanostructures for efficiency enhancement of perovskite solar cells

High refractive index nanoparticles is very attractive tool for modern photonics and optoelectronics. I would like to show the Mie scattering nanostructures influence on perovskite solar cell performance.

ITMO University
Microfluidic Synthesis of nanostructured materials

The research is dedicated to study of the nanostructured materials' characteristics obtained with means of microfluidics. Synthesis of perovskites, metal organic frameworks are considered. The main focus of the research brought to a microfluidic synthesis of all-inorganic perovskite CsPbBr3 particles with controllable sizes and morphologies. High quality of the CsPbBr3 nanowires is confirmed by a comprehensive characterization using HRTEM, SEM, SAED, XRD analyses, EDX spectroscopy, as well as fluorescence optical microscopy. As a result, the novel method of nanolasers fabrication allowed us to place the CsPbBr3 particles on any arbitrary surface. In particular, an excellent lasing performance of the particles deposited both on plain (glass) and nanostructured (indium tin oxide) substrates are shown.