Optical seminar | 23 September 2022

ITMO University
The interaction of laser irradiation with tunable metal-organic frameworks: Structural modification and non-linear optical emission

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), being a highly crystalline porous solids, are very promising materials for optics due to a combination of organic and inorganic nature, crystallinity, flexibility, and hierarchy. Recently, the optical properties such as photoluminescence, lasing, second harmonic generation, nonlinear optical absorption, and laser abliation for MOFs and its superstructures have been investigated and described in details. Intriguing, the number of different weak and strong chemical bonds, providing the ordered structure with a complex hierarchy, allows one also to explore fundamentally new properties of MOFs interacting with light. Besides, the study of optical properties of MOF-based nanoparticles and the improvment of optical stability of MOF-based composites have not been fully investigated before. Here, I report that MOF-based nanoparticles with complex morphology, obtained through the interaction with laser irradiation, and polymer or amorphous MOF-based composites exhibit linear and non-linear optical responses.

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