Optical seminar | 17 December 2021

ITMO University
4-th year PhD student attestation: Optical resonances in nanostructures for modification of radiative recombination in halide perovskites

Currently, there is an acute problem of creating cheap, efficient, reliable, and easy-to-manufacture solar cells, LEDs, transistors, and nanoantennas. A search is underway for new materials that would make it possible to meet these device requirements. Perovskites are one of these materials. Organo-inorganic perovskites, such as the MAPbX3 or CsPbX3 family, where X = I, Br or Cl, are a very promising class of materials for efficient nanoscale light sources, solar cells, light emitters, and photodetectors that have exciton states at room temperature, high refractive index, low losses at the exciton wavelength. These superior properties, together with their low cost of fabrication using solution chemistry methods, have made it possible to quickly and efficiently create hybrid perovskite nanoantennas and metasurfaces.
The dissertation is devoted to the creation and research of approaches to control radiation recombination using optical resonances in nanostructures based on perovskites. This thesis discusses various ways to enhance photoluminescence based on both individual perovskite nanoparticles and a combination of perovskite quantum dots with resonant dielectric topological nanostructures, as well as continuous perovskite layers with embedded layered metal-dielectric nanoparticles.

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