Optical seminar | 10 July 2020

Guillaume Baffou
Institut Fresnel — CNRS, Marseille, France
Quantitative phase microscopy for nanophotonics

Quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry (QLSI) is a quantitative phase microscopy technique that enables the mapping of the wavefront distorsion of a light beam with both high spatial resolution and high sensitivity. In this presentation, I explain how QLSI recently proved efficient to advance the field of nanophotonics, namely, (i) how QLSI can be used as a temperature microscopy technique to map the temperature of gold nanoparticles under illumination, enabling applications in physics, chemistry and biology at the nano/microscale; (ii) how QLSI can measure the complex optical conductivity of 2D materials; (iii) and finally how QLSI can retrieve the complex optical polarizability of nanoparticles, along with the extinction, scattering and absorption cross section from a single interferogram image.