Microwave seminar | 22 June 2020

begins at
22 June 2020
4:00 PM (GMT +03:00)


ITMO University
Achieving arbitrary (including colossal) permittivity - a non-connected wire medium'

We propose a method for realizing the naturally non-existent colossal refractive indices. In this report, we consider a 3D non-connected wire medium with a dispersion diagram represented by four hyperbolas at low-frequencies. Previously, the effects of sub-wave imaging and “reverse rainbow” have already been shown to manifest in such medium. In order to study this medium we used numerical simulation in CST and theoretical estimates for the spectral dependence of the refractive index and influence of the boundary conditions. In addition, an example of implementation of a resonator with a dielectric constant of 10,000 in one of the directions will be presented.