Microwave seminar | 20 September 2021

Dr. Vasiliy Surikov
ITMO University
Numerical calculation of characteristics of wideband polarization rotators

Wideband wire-grid polarization rotators often used in antennas. The calculation of scattering characteristics is an actual problem. Becauseof finite dimensions of polarizers, this calculations are difficult. The simplification of calculation process is an important and actual problem.

Main paper/arXiv, related to the seminar, and other references

N. Amitay, A.A.M. Saleh, 'Broad-band wide-angle quasi-optical polarization rotators', IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation ( Volume: 31, Issue: 1, January 1983)

ITMO University
Surface waves at self-complementary metasurfaces

Self-complementary metasurfaces have gained significant attention due to their unique frequency-independent transmission and reflection properties and the possibility of the polarization transformation of plane waves. In this paper, we focus on the near-field spectrum to investigate, both theoretically and experimentally, the properties of surface waves supported by anisotropic self-complementary metasurfaces. We discover several related features, namely all-frequency hyperbolicity, extreme dual-directional canalization and TE-TM polarization degeneracy.

Physical Review X, 11, 031038 (2021)