Microwave seminar | 19 April 2021

Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Akram
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ultra-thin Transmissive Metasurfaces for Efficient Wave-front Engineering

Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Akram will present the theory and practical realization of passive metasurfaces for the manipulation of transmissive waves. The main focus is on the design of the meta-atoms i.e. constituent particles of the metasurface in order to realize high transmission efficiency and how electric & magnetic responses play their role for that purpose. 

He will also discuss various applications based on the non-uniform distribution of meta-atoms such as realizing non-diffracting beams for small distance, OAM beams, high directive metasurface antennas and low diverging high gain beams. 

In the end, he will discuss how the reconfigurable metasurface could be able to develop smart solutions for wireless communication, charging, imaging and sensing.


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