Microwave seminar | 14 March 2022

Youth Research Institute, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg, Russia.
Youth Research Institute: Bringing Robots, Chaos and Memristors together

This speech consists of two parts. First, a brief outline of the key research fields presented at Youth Research Institute (ETU-LETI) will be given. Second, the recent achievements of YRI teams in numerical simulation, identification, and applications of nonlinear circuits and systems will be considered. The key reasons for the noticeable renaissance of interest in nonlinearity, chaos theory and applications will be investigated emphasizing the latest developments in chaos-based sensors. Then, some techniques for obtaining mathematical models of nonlinear systems using acquired data series will be summarized. One of the recent improvements of the known phase-space reconstruction technique, the integration & differentiation embedding procedure, will be explained. Another state-of-the-art approach to refine the obtained numerical model is hybrid synchronization. It is a method of fine-tuning the system parameters by establishing the elastic chaotic synchronization between a continuous system prototype (e.g., nonlinear circuit) and its digital counterpart. Parametric identification of Knowm memristor will be reported as a representative example. Next, the recently discovered adaptive symmetry phenomenon will be reported considering digital chaotic maps and numerical models of continuous nonlinear systems. The speech will guide the auditory from known phase-space preserving symplectic methods to a new approach of controlling the phase space and stability of dynamical systems by varying the symmetry of the applied discrete operator. Finally, we will reveal multiple applications of the proposed adaptive symmetry approach, including chaos-based cryptography, rapid chaotic synchronization, and chaotic systems control. The talk ends with a brief overview of prominent directions for further studies and open research questions.

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