Microwave seminar | 13 February 2023

Ms. Syuzanna Asadulina
ITMO University
Broadband polarization degeneracy of TE and TM modes on dielectric metasurface

Guided waves are the perfect carriers of electromagnetic signal in the planar miniaturized devices due to their high localization and controlled propagation direction. However, it is still a challenge to control the polarization of propagating guided waves. We discover both theoretically and experimentally the broadband polarization TE-TM degeneracy of highly localized guided waves propagating along all-dielectric metasurface and a subwavelength chain of dielectric high-index cylinders. Using the discovered near-field polarization degree of freedom, we demonstrate experimentally the polarization transformation for guided waves propagating along a subwavelength chain of dielectric cylinders at a single frequency. The results obtained discover the polarization degree of freedom for guided waves paving way towards numerous applications in flat optics and planar photonics.

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