Microwave seminar | 12 October 2020

University of Alberta
Multiconductor Transmission-Line Theory and its Applications to Modern Metamaterials

Multiconductor Transmission-Line (MTL) theory involves the study of transverse-electromagnetic waves propagating along structures that contain more than two conductors and which possess constant transverse cross-section. This seminar will introduce many of the concepts of MTL systems that differentiate them from the more commonplace two-conductor transmission lines, such as the definitions and properties of the multiple modes they support. While two-conductor transmission lines have been used in the development of transmission-line metamaterials — the properties of which have been studied in great detail — the development of MTL-based metamaterials through the introduction of discrete, periodic, reactive loading elements into MTLs presents many understudied facets. A detailed analysis of some common MTL-based metamaterial structures, analyses of their Bloch modes, and origins as well as applications of some common and prominent dispersion features will be presented.