Microwave seminar | 06 February 2023

Mr. Maksim Tumashov
ITMO University
Design and synthesis of multilayer metal-polymer Huygens' metasurfaces

The problem of the lack of efficient devices in the THz frequency range, including for beam steering, is well known. As a solution, we propose an algorithm that allows the synthesis of efficient multilayer transmitting devices on the basis of Huygens metasurfaces, which avoid unwanted reflections. Despite the presence of multiple layers, the considered approach avoids a large number of numerical simulations due to the fact that the proposed algorithm is semi-analytic and can be implemented with the minimum number of numerical simulations required. In this talk, we will review the process of synthesizing and fabricating multilayer Huygens metasurfaces using the example of a five-layer metasurface for a beam deflection of 52 degrees at 0.170 THz with an experimentally measured efficiency of 58%; theoretical and experimental approaches will be discussed.

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