Microwave seminar | 05 October 2020

Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade
Time-varying metamaterials and my future life at ITMO
In this talk, I will present time-varying metamaterials and metasurfaces and show how they can be used to realize various functionalities. In particular, I will discuss nonreciprocity in uniformly modulated bianisotropic metasurface and present experimental efforts to this end. I will also describe my plan for my prospective research stay at ITMO.
Mr. Georgy Baranov
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University 'LETI'
Power conversion technology in land and nautical vehicles: development perspectives at ITMO University
The report comprises a review of power conversion technology used in nautical electric propulsion systems, electrical car motors, and wireless power transfer systems. Common engineering trends are highlighted. The perspectives of further ITMO-based developments in the field are analysed.