Microwave seminar | 05 April 2021

Dr. Mikhail Indenbom
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering
Phased array antenna

Brief information about the author of the proposed course of lectures will be reported; photographs of several phased array antennas and their elements, developed with the participation of the author, will be shown.

The topics of lectures related to:
- the matrix theory of the phased array of interacting elements;
- the limiting characteristics of the phased arrays;
- the theory of active transmitting and receiving phased arrays;
- the theory of noise in passive and active phased arrays;
- electrodynamic methods of analysis of periodic flat phased arrays;
- characteristics of the phased arrays in the presence of errors in excitation and positioning of their elements;
-convex (conformal) phased arrays, their limiting characteristics, and research methods;
- digital and adaptive antenna arrays, are briefly presented.