Microwave seminar | 04 March 2024

ITMO University
Subwavelength volumetric resonators for modifying electromagnetic fields in magnetic resonance imaging (Faculty attestation)

Faculty attestation and pre-defense of the PhD thesis

  1. Puchnin V., Solomakha G., Nikulin A., Magill A.W., Andreychenko A., Shchelokova A. Metamaterial inspired wireless coil for clinical breast imaging // Journal of Magnetic Resonance - 2021, Vol. 322, pp. 106877
  2. Puchnin V., Jandaliyeva A., Hurshkainen A., Solomakha G., Nikulin A., Petrova P., Lavrenteva A., Andreychenko A., Shchelokova A. Quadrature transceive wireless coil: Design concept and application for bilateral breast MRI at 1.5 T // Magnetic Resonance in Medicine - 2023, Vol. 89, No. 3, pp. 1251-1264
  3. Puchnin, V., Matvievskaya, O., Slobozhanyuk, A., Shchelokova, A., & Olekhno, N. (2023). Application of Topological Edge States in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Phys. Rev. Appl., 20, 024076.
ITMO University
Development of the design of quasicrystalline photonic structures and study of their electromagnetic properties (Faculty attestation)

In this talk, I will discuss all-dielectric quasicrystalline structures created using the inverse design method. By using this method, we first formulate the required conditions for the properties of the created structure in relation to the electromagnetic field and only then calculate the spatial distribution of the refractive index. The number of lattices, as well as the distribution of their directions, determine the final properties of the quasicrystalline structure.

  1. Density of photonic states in aperiodic structures, Link 
  2. Quasicrystalline Structures with Narrow-Band Frequency–Angular Selectivity, Link
  3. Control over Light Emission in Low-Refractive-Index Artificial Materials Inspired by Reciprocal Design, Link