Acoustic seminar | 15 March 2024

Dr. Sergey Tsysar
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Acoustic holography as a tool for the characterization of transducers and their field distributions

Many applications of diagnostic and power ultrasound have increased precision requirements. Quality of ultrasonic image or precision of manipulation depends on wavefield structure, which should be known with great accuracy. Meanwhile a lot of assumptions and approximations (piston source, simple FEM modeling etc.) about transducer vibration patterns are still widely used. Acoustic holography can effectively reconstruct the full spatio-temporal structure of the field for any real transducer including all field distorting factors, such as Lamb waves, invisible transducer cracks, individual elements failure, phase deviations, and many others. Field analysis provided by holography creates possibilities for the characterization of acoustic parameters of the medium in the wide frequency range.