Applied hybrid materials
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6.00 з.е.
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This course is devoted to the current state of rapidly developing areas of nanotechnology, material science, biophysics and others. It discusses the modern techniques of nano- and microparticle synthesis and their stabilization via polymer coating. Moreover, the methods of nano- and microparticles characterization such as electron and optical microscopy, dynamic light scattering, laser Doppler anemometry and others will be presented. As a major part of this course, application of different discussed materials in biology, medicine, optics etc. will be reviewed. Additionally, the general introduction in a “Lab-on-a-chip” concept will be explained.

Course content

The course consists of 8 lectures and 12 seminars on the following topics:

- Introduction in Applied hybrid materials

- Synthesis of organic/inorganic nanoparticles

- Polymer coating of nanoparticles with smart materials, application in optics and medicine

- Methods of nanoparticles characterization

- Interaction of nanoparticles with cells

- Interaction of nanoparticles with animals

- Microfluidics I: introduction, methods of microfluidics, general definitions

- Microfluidics II: chip fabrication, application in biology, chemistry, catalysis and others