Electrodynamics of Metamaterials
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3.00 з.е.
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1 lesson per week
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The course is designed for first-year master students enrolled in the master's program "Nanophotonics and Metamaterials". The main subject under study is the characteristics of the radiation of quasi-point sources placed near optical nanostructures. The classical description of the interaction of radiation sources with optical nanostructures is considered, emission properties of the sources interacting with such model objects as layered systems, waveguide structures, nanoparticles and metamaterials are considered; their common features and main differences are discussed. During the course, students must perform numerical calculations of the characteristics of some of the systems under consideration. In the case of the simplest structures, one will have to write their own code in the programming language of their choice, and in the case of more complex structures, one will have to build a numerical model in one of the software packages.