Quantum Optics
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6.00 з.е.
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2 lessons per week
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The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the basic concepts of quantum optics and review basic problems. We will study in detail the effects associated with the quantum nature of light, consider the mechanism of interaction of light with matter, and also learn how this interaction can be enhanced using micro- and nanocavities. The course will cover not only basic theoretical models, but also key experimental techniques.

Course content

Part I. Light-matter interaction: semiclassical approach

  • Two-level system in a light field. Rabi oscillations 
  • Density matrix: from general properties to a twolevel system 
  • Light interaction with a three level-system 

Part II. Quantum properties of light

  • Secondary quantization of electromagnetic field 
  • Fock states and coherent states 
  • Quantum noise and squeezed states 
  • Coherence of light and photon detection 

Part III. Light-matter interaction: fully quantum picture

  • Two-level system in a quantized field 
  • Jaynes-Cummings model: polaritons 
  • Spontaneous relaxation: Weiskopf-Wigner model
  • Local density of states and Purcell effect  
  • Optical cavities 
  • Field fluctuations and Langevin equation 
  • Quantum theory of relaxation. Lindblad equation  
  • Atom in a cavity. Weak and strong coupling regime  

Additional topics

  • Quantum entanglement. Bell inequality. 
  • Laser cooling and ultra-cold atoms 
  • Fluctuations driven optical forces 
  • Local field operators. Quantization of light in lossy and dispersive media