Microwave seminar | 12 April 2021

Dr. A. Sadovnikov
Saratov State University
Tunable spin-wave transport in magnonic microstructures: study with Brillouin light scattering technique and microwave spectroscopy

In recent years much research has been directed towards the use of spin waves for signal processing at microwave and subterahertz frequencies due to the possibility to carry the information signal without the transmission of a charge current. Recent theoretical and experimental studies suggest that strain can be used to engineer energy-efficient complicated 2D and 3D piezoelectric material and heterostructures.

The main topic of the proposed talk will be devoted to the the experimental observations of the spin-wave coupling phenomena in different magnonic structures based on the asymmetric adjacent magnonic crystals, adjacent magnetic yttrium iron garnet stripes and array of magnetic stripes, which demonstrates the collective spin-wave phenomena such as the discrete soliton formation. The voltage-controlled spin-wave transport along bilateral magnonic stripes was demonstrated. The model describing the spin-wave transmission response and predicting its value is proposed based on the self-consistent equations. It was shown that the strain-mediated spin-wave channels can be used to route the magnonic information signal and thus the composite magnon-straintronic structure could provide to fabricating magnonic platforms for energy-efficient signal processing. The obtained results open new perspectives for the future-generation electronics using integrated magnonic networks.
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